New Birth Control “For Man”

The first US man underwent a new birth control test, which involves  a developed gel on the shoulders of men once a day to reduce their sperm count.

The first international trial (one-year), based in Washington, DC, began on Tuesday, December 4, with the first US couple. Two other couples began their trial on Friday, while a third American will join the pilot later.

The pilot study includes 420 pairs from 7 countries: Chile, England, Scotland, Kenya, Sweden and Italy.

The “NES / T” gel works by inhibiting the production of normal testosterone in men, thereby reducing the number of viable sperm. The gel contains a combination of “Neostorone” and testosterone to block normal production of the hormone in the testicles.

Human experiments to prevent sperm production!

If successful, the gel will be a welcome alternative for couples who can not use condoms (effective at only 85%) and women who have uncomfortable or severe side effects of traditional contraceptives.

“Many women can not use hormonal contraception, and men’s contraceptives are very limited and a very safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy in males will cover a public and important health need,” said Dr. Diana Blythe.

It takes 12 weeks to become effective, and should be used once a day with a certain amount of gel on each shoulder, which dries in about 5 minutes.

The experiment is expected to continue until at least 2021, with each participant using gel for at least 12 months. Participating couples were required to be in a stable, committed, single-wife relationship for at least one year before the experiment began. Men can be between the ages of 18 and 50, while all women must be under the age of 35.

The trial is scheduled to be repeated among several thousand people, before being presented to the Food and Drug Administration, to put the gel for public use throughout the country.

Source: RT