U.S. Stocks Closed Higher on Wednesday

The U.S. and China signed the first-phase trade agreement. U.S. stocks closed higher on Wednesday. Among them, the Dow closed at the 29,000-point mark for the first time, rising to 29,030.22, and the S & P 500 index reached a new high, rising to 3,289.3 The Nasdaq rose to 9,258.70. The Taiwan stock market was still suppressed by the Air Force this morning. In February, the Taiwan index period and the electronic period opened lower. After the financial period opened higher, it was then consolidated. Taiwan stocks opened at 1,200.08 points, down 85.8 points.

Observe the corporate trends. Yesterday, the three major legal entities sold more than 3.8 billion yuan. The self-employed merchant sold more than 3.2 billion yuan. The investment letter sold more than 100 million yuan. The foreign investment was terminated and the sale was changed to 8.8 billion yuan. After the sale, it turned into over 2 billion yuan, which indicates that the market should be protected by the public stock market yesterday. Analysts said that the trade conflict has temporarily cooled down and the market has returned to fundamentals. Next, it enters the US stocks earnings season. At the same time, Taiwan ’s equity value king TSMC (2330) will hold a talk today. The batch layout method uses the stock price fluctuations brought by the earnings season to pay attention to low-end entry opportunities.

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