China and the United States Accuse Each Other of Espionage for Covid-19 Vaccine

China and the United States accuse each other of espionage, France criticizes a pharmaceutical company that has said it will prioritize distribution in the USA, and in Germany, anti-vaccine groups are already mobilizing against prevention.

Even before it existed, the vaccine for Covid-19 has generated disagreements between countries and companies and also groups against the mandatory vaccination in the world.

There are studies for vaccine development in the United States and China, and these two countries have accused themselves of trying to spy on research.

France and the European Union protested a pharmaceutical company that said it would give priority to the United States in the eventual distribution of vaccines.

In Germany, anti-vaccine groups are already protesting against a hypothetical mandatory vaccine that does not exist.

The pharmaceutical group Sanofi announced that it would give priority to the United States. The director general of the French pharmaceutical company, Paul Hudson, said on Wednesday (13) that if they found the vaccine, they would deliver it “first” to the United States, since that country “shares the risk” in seeking treatment in the United States. collaboration.

On Thursday, the director of Sanofi in France, Olivier Bogillot, said that the group would not give priority to the United States in distributing the vaccine, if the European Union (EU) is equally “effective” to finance its development.

“For us, it would be unacceptable to have privileged access to this country or that country under the monetary pretext”, considered the French Secretary of State for the Economy, Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

The European Commission reiterated the bloc’s commitment to a vaccine, recalling that earlier this month it organized a donor conference that raised about $ 8 billion, but in which the United States government refused to participate.

“For us, in a word, it is very important to work on this globally, since the virus is a global virus,” added De Keersmaecker.

China accused the United States of libel on Thursday after Washington accused Beijing of spying on its research into a secret vaccine against Covid-19.

The United States Federal Police (FBI) accused on Wednesday (13) hackers, researchers and students close to the Chinese government of stealing information from university institutes and public laboratories for the benefit of Beijing.

“China’s attempts to attack these sectors pose a serious threat to our country’s response to Covid-19,” the FBI said in an official statement to the National Cybersecurity Agency.

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan replied that “China expresses its disgust and its firm opposition to such slanders.”

“Judging by its history, the United States has carried out the largest internet theft operations on a world scale,” added Zhao at a news conference.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, several Chinese pharmaceutical companies have developed a vaccine. At least three of them have already started clinical trials in humans.

“China is at the forefront of research into vaccines and treatments for Covid-19. Therefore, it has more reason than anyone to suspect the theft of information on the Internet,” emphasized Zhao.

For weeks, U.S. President Donald Trump has accused Chinese authorities of hiding the extent of the epidemic that emerged in late 2019 in the city of Wuhan (central China) and therefore facilitated its spread.

Beijing denies the accusation and says it has forwarded all information as quickly as possible to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other countries, including the United States.

Germany has been experiencing protests against restrictive measures to combat the epidemic for weeks. Among the protesters, there is the anti-vaccination movement, which is already anticipating an eventual national immunization campaign.


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China and the United States Accuse Each Other of Espionage for Covid-19 Vaccine

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