Has the Storm Between Tehran and Washington Passed

Two statements from both sides and it appeared that the first wave of the storm passed or nearly, and that the current confrontation between Tehran and Washington reached the space between the sword of confrontation and the negotiating table.

Months ago, Iran began to escalate by threatening to withdraw from the nuclear agreement and by military skirmishes through its arms. The American and international reactions are largely clear and unambiguous.

A European refusal to get out of the nuclear deal, and a major US military alert in the Gulf region.

Tehran absorbed the dimensions of the response, realizing that any confrontation would be lost by all standards, and then moved diplomatically intensively on the regional and international arenas.

Within this move, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghji visited Amman and from there to Kuwait.

Araghji said Tehran was ready to put in place a mechanism to engage in constructive engagement with regional countries and warned of what he called the US sanctions policy, saying it risked the security of the entire region.

At the same time, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif concludes a visit to Iraq, saying that Iran is ready to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Gulf states.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the party to Zarif’s proposal, began to promote it, as a way to avoid confrontation.

Zarif was keen to say that Iran is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, explaining that the guide Ali Khamenei “banned in a fatwa,” he said.

But he did not forget to reassure the former statements, saying that “American policies harm the Iranian people,” which is causing regional tension.

US President Donald Trump has extended the “open window” to Tehran, after saying from Tokyo that Washington does not want regime change in Tehran.

A statement may be the most reassuring to the leaders of Tehran since the beginning of the current tension, and may fit the appropriate approach to the solution.

But observers say the solution requires serious Iranian engagement, not an attempt to drag the parties to negotiate only for the killing of time, as in the past.

Hülya Karahan


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Two statements from both sides of the body of the new development, and it appeared that the first wave of the storm passed

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