Different Ways to Use an Old Console XBox, Playstation

Technology inevitably goes on and what was considered new until the year before quickly becomes obsolete! This is also true for game consoles, which tend to age after a few years after their release on the market and no longer be suitable for new generation video games, inevitably ending up giving way to new consoles or updated versions. But their fate is not in the attic or in the basement: with a little cunning we can give new life to old game consoles by using them for other purposes, so that we can continue to use them until the final breakdown or true obsolescence (when they no longer read anything and there are no more valid apps or games).

In this guide we will show you how to use the old Playstation or XBox game consoles, highlighting the features still valid today and usable on a secondary TV or on the TV placed in the children’s room.

For this guide we will use as a reference the consoles destined for obsolescence at the time of writing, ie Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One; some of the points that we will show you are also applicable to older consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 3, even if no longer supported for some time it can still defend itself from obsolescence.

This is definitely the simplest way to reuse and applicable to all consoles defined as “old”: we can in fact connect the old console to an HDMI TV and use it exclusively as a DVD player or a Blu-ray player for the living room.

The consoles mentioned in the introduction read any type of DVD or Blu-ray optical disc, so you can watch an old movie collection or enjoy a high-definition movie on Blu-ray video. Even if we now find all the movies in subscription streaming with a simple click, there is nothing more beautiful in collecting the optical discs of the films that deserve to be reviewed or that have particularly struck our imagination or fantasy! In fact, looking at the prices on Amazon for the Movies section we can find practically any movie for less than € 20, sometimes even for less than € 10, and these films will always be ours even when we remove any streaming subscription or remain without an Internet connection.

The Sony PS3, the oldest console of those mentioned, has a Blu-ray player that is still valid (they also updated the keys for reading encrypted discs in 2020): it is worth reusing it as a desktop player!

Use the console as a media center
The consoles labeled as “old” support apps for all the main online video streaming services, thus allowing them to be transformed into real Media Centers, so as to bring streaming apps even on televisions without Smart functionality.

Media Center console
The Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + apps can be installed on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X and also work quite well, allowing you to go up to 4K UHD resolution with active HDR (where available ).

We can also add an app like Plex to streaming apps, capable of indexing videos and movies shared on a local network or stored on an external hard drive. If you are interested in this app we can download it for free for Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and configure access with the Plex server, so you can get the posters of the famous films, the plot and other useful information on the digital films in our collection. To learn more about the use of the Plex app, we invite you to read our Complete Guide to Plex, the media player with active transcoding.

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