Google, 25 Million for the European Information Fund

The past year, characterized by challenges and uncertainty, has shown how important it is – as never before – for people to have access to accurate information and to be able to distinguish fact from fiction. For this reason, Google has decided to contribute 25 million euros to the launch of the European Fund for media and information. “This fund – Google recalls in a blogpost – has several objectives: strengthening media literacy skills, combating disinformation and supporting fact-checking activities. Our goal is to ensure that people have the ability to get the information they want, the answers they need and the accuracy they deserve. ” The commitment of the Mountain View company “over the next five years will be aimed at supporting the work of three organizations: European University Institute, European Digital Media Observatory and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to finance those who are addressing these important issues: helping adults and young people to strengthen their skills in media literacy; to support and facilitate the work of fact-checkers; to support the skills, research and resources to support the fight against disinformation “.

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