PlayStation Plus January 2020

After discussions about the announcement date, Sony finally revealed the free games for the PlayStation Plus in January 2020.

They were in the air and finally they arrived. Sony officially announced the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers during January 2020. This year will end with the release of the new consoles. We can therefore hope that Sony will offer the great titles of this generation at the end of its generation within its subscription service. Let’s find out the titles available during this month.

This month on PlayStation Plus there are two titles that, both in their own way, characterized the period of their release. In fact, they will be available to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator subscribers starting from January 7, 2020.

On the same day, instead, we greet the titles of the old month, namely Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame. You still have a few days to redeem these two games so if you haven’t done it yet, hurry up.

The title is a collection containing the first three titles of the legendary saga of Naughty Dog. These three Sony exclusives were a symbol of the PS3 generation. In this case we can admire the games in remastered version in HD for PS4.

The third person shooters starring Nathan Drake offer a good fighting system interspersed with sequences that follow the style of action movies like Indiana Jones. Probably many of you have already played them, but if you have not yet done so, this is the opportunity to recover these titles. Also if you hurry to recover this collection you will still have the opportunity to play the fourth chapter on PlayStation Now for a few days.

The title born almost as a joke from Coffee Stain Studios has somehow managed to inaugurate the era of simulators. In fact, since the release of Goat Simulator, the fashion of the run-up to the craziest simulator possible has erupted which, whether you like it or not, has been a trend that lasted several years in the gaming industry.

As you can imagine from the title Goat Simulator is a goat simulator! The player impersonates a goat whose purpose is to indiscriminately destroy the environment in which it is located. The title is very simple, but it could offer fun game sessions, maybe with some friends.