Electrified Vehicles: What are the Best-Selling Models and the Brands in Argentina?

IOMAA, a leading company in Latin America in Automotive Market Intelligence, published its report on electric mobility in Argentina. It mentions that in the first half of the year, 3,453 vehicles with non-traditional motorization (82 pure electric and 3,371 hybrid) were patented in Argentina. This figure is 274 units higher than the record for the same period last year (+28.7%).

The performance of the sector continues to be linked to the regulation of the Ministry of Productive Development and its provisions to regulate the decrees that establish quotas for the importation of this type of vehicle with tariff preferences. Decree 159/2022 distributed the import quotas for the March/June 2022 quarter and processed requests for 939 units of the 1,284 available; being by brand: Ford 442; Toyota 269; PSA 115; Mercedes-Benz 54; Volkswagen 30; Nissan 25 and Porsche 4.

In the first half of the year, 7 brands patented new models in the Argentine market. CORADIR started selling its Tito S2-100 and the first unit of its S5-100 (5 doors); Peugeot patented the hybrid version of the 3008; Audi A4; Mercedes-Benz C300 and E450; Volvo the hybrid versions XC60, XC40 and XC90; LexusLS; DS4 and Honda Accord.

Sales in Argentina are led by Toyota with 84% share with the Corolla both sedan and Cross as the best-selling models; with the latter with a growth of 39% compared to the second quarter of 2021. It is then followed by Ford with the Kuga and the F150 hybrid.

Participation by brand is as follows: Toyota 2,903; Ford 283; SD 64; Coradir (Titus) 53; Lexus 50; Peugeot 24; Mercedes-Benz 17; nissan 15; Volvo 11; Audi 11; Renault 10; Land Rover 7; Honda 2 and SERO 2.

In the first half of the year, 33 models made up the range of vehicles in the hybrid and electric segment. The 5 best-selling models represent 90% of total patents: Toyota Corolla Cross 55%; Toyota Corolla 22%; RAV4 6%; Ford Kuga 5% and F150 3%.

As for 100% electric, today 13 models circulate in our country totaling 247 units: Renault Kangoo 112; Run Titus 52; Nissan Leaf 46; sero sedan 9; Sero charge under 8; Sero Charge high 6; Audi etron 5; Rest 6%. These vehicles are located in: 46% of CABA and the metropolitan area, Mendoza and San Juan 5% with 13 and 12 units, respectively, and Santa Fe with 9.

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