Foods are Healthy and Make People Happy

Yes, healthy food makes you happy, that’s now scientifically proven. Because all of us want to live happily. It is true that nature gives some of us a head start, but you can do a lot yourself! We think about how you live, how you consider life, how you move and play sports and … how you eat. Your body benefits from the food you eat. And just like in a machine, the best is to choose ingredients that promote the proper functioning of your machine.

Deep Sea Fish

People around the world who live by the sea are more happy, not only because the sea is refreshing, but also because they regard fish as a staple food, and research in Finland, Britain, and the United States has found the same result. Harvard University research reports that Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have a similar effect to commonly used antidepressants such as lithium carbonate, which blocks the nerve conduction pathway and increases the amount of serotonin secreted.


Bananas contain a substance called alkaloid, which boosts spirit and boosts confidence. And bananas are a super source of tryptophan and vitamin B6, all of which help the brain make serotonin. Therefore, bananas are a happy fruit source that is uncompromising.


Grapefruit has a strong aroma that purifies the complex thoughts and refreshes. The high amount of vitamin C in grapefruit not only maintains the concentration of red blood cells, but also makes the body resistant, and vitamin C can also resist stress. Most importantly, vitamin C is one of the important ingredients in the manufacture of dopamine and norepinephrine. An interesting study found that eating vitamin C can improve the schoolchildren’s intelligence test by an average of 5 points.


In the cartoon, Popeye will have a lot of power after eating spinach, but do you know that eating spinach will be great? The medical literature consistently pointed out that the lack of folic acid can lead to mental illness, including depression and early-onset dementia.

The study also found that those who were unable to take enough folic acid to control, after 5 months, were unable to fall asleep, forgetfulness, anxiety and other symptoms, the researchers concluded that lack of folic acid, leading to a decrease in serotonin in the brain, leading to depression . What is a food rich in folic acid? Spinach is the most, almost all green vegetables and fruits are also available.


Although garlic will bring a bad tone, it will bring a good mood. A study on the efficacy of garlic on cholesterol in Germany, from the questionnaires answered by patients, found that after eating garlic preparations, they felt less tired, not anxious, not easy to get angry, the researchers never imagined that garlic had this kind of A special role.

6. Pumpkin

The reason why pumpkins are related to good mood is because they are rich in vitamin B6 and iron. These two nutrients can help the body’s stored blood sugar and turn into glucose. Glucose is the only fuel in the brain.

The Pumpkin Pie is also considered the “most intelligent” dessert on the menu. Because every time you eat a pumpkin pie, you will take 3 kinds of carotene at the same time, which is very useful for preventing heart disease and anti-aging. For the sake of our well-cooked people, the pumpkin can be used for both Chinese and Western-style pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie.

In addition, Nathalie Michels, a nutritionist at the University of Ghent, examines the relationship between stress, emotions and diets. And she too is convinced that: “A healthy diet contributes to well-being while poor eating habits make you unhappy. And to say in front of the Universiteit van Vlaanderen. “Fruits and vegetables decrease the levels of stress hormone cortisol while fats and sugars have a bad effect on this hormone.”

We consume chips or chocolate when we feel bad, but by doing so we only reinforce this bad feeling. Why ? According to Michels, the reason lies in our intestinal flora: Michels. “They are more than 10 billion and these baceria communicate through our immune cells, our blood vessels and the nervous circuit with our brain”. By providing good bacteria to our intestinal flora, we feel better. And these good bacteria, especially lactic ferments, are found e.a. in kimchi. Eating kimchi makes you happy.

Koen De Witte, clinical psycho-neuro-immunologist and co-founder of kPNI Belgium. He draws attention to the importance of fermented food. Fermented vegetables, such as kimchi and sauerkraut, contain plenty of microorganisms that regulate our intestinal flora and our immune system (defense system). Added to this is the fact that kimchi decreases the level of the stress hormone cortisol. These are characteristics that interest high-level athletes who want to improve their performances.

Indeed, a healthy diet makes you happy. A healthy diet, including fermented vegetables, such as kimchi, contributes greatly to your sense of well-being, both physically and mentally. And so, it ensures your feeling of happiness. Kimchi is a happy and healthy food.

Of course, your happiness does not depend solely on your diet. Healthy eating must go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle where you move, play sports and develop positive ideas. And let’s not forget the energy we receive from nature and the people around us.


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Yes, healthy food makes you happy, that's now scientifically proven. Because all of us want to live happily. It is true that nature gives some of us a head start, but you can do a lot yourself!

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