Fujitsu Kochi Prefecture

Fujitsu announced on 3th that demonstration of horticultural crop production prediction system will begin in late January 2019 in Kochi prefecture, “We will carry out jointly with Nextremer (Next Reamer, Itabashi, Tokyo) which develops a dialogue system based on artificial intelligence (AI) based in Kochi prefecture and Tonankoku city.”

The system centrally manages growth data and shipping data of crops in the house on the Fujitsu cloud, and predicts the production volume up to three weeks ahead at AI developed by next reamer. Ensure that producers can check quality and shipping data on tablet terminals, etc., and sell them advantageously and strengthen farm guidance.

Crops to be demonstrated are eggplant, cucumber, green pepper. “In Kochi Prefecture, based on the verification results, we plan to start using the prediction system from March 19th.” Fujitsu plans to expand nationwide as a service that efficiently raises agricultural crop cultivation management and raises unit price.