Lean Landing: Help SMEs to Land on International Markets

Breaking into new markets, especially outside your country, is now easier for any small and medium-sized enterprise. A network that has been setup across Northern Europe, however, is enabling entrepreneurs to overcome those difficulties by finding new customers and partners abroad.

Denmark Welcomes with “Business Planet”. We are going to discover a network that helps SMEs to launch themselves on international markets. It is called Lean Landing Project.

Mads Vaczy Kragh explains how it works: “It is a project that allows companies to test their product on the market, to obtain information from the market, to meet new partners. In this project we have 19 partners between accelerators and incubators in six countries: Norway , Sweden, Germany, Holland, United Kingdom and, of course, Denmark “.

One of the companies that have been assisted by Lean Landing is Meptek, a Danish SME. There, communication courses are held using virtual reality and innovative tools such as 360-degree cameras. The goal is to prepare these young people to give their best in oral presentations or job interviews.

An almost unique approach in Europe. Very early the leaders understood that it could work elsewhere. Thanks to Lean Landing, they managed to enter the British market. The system reimbursed travel expenses, but it also allowed them to get in touch with partners and potential customers, all in no time.

“Basically we had to do a market research  explains one of the managers, Jakob Friis , I learned a lot: it was fantastic to study what we could enter in that market, what our strength was to penetrate the British market”.

And the results are there. Jakob has learned to master the subtleties of the British market and can now focus his strategy on the specific needs of his new clients.

“We went to the UK for the first time in January 2017, says Jakob,  we came back a few months later and we had our first customer in November, and now that we have tested the market, we would like to expand in the coming years, and maybe even open an office on the spot “..

This Danish initiative has been awarded the European Award for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, which has been awarded by the Commission since 2006. The award has already given visibility to more than 3,500 European projects, which in turn led to the creation of thousands of SMEs.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder