Galaxy A Synonym for Smartphones

Apple, which has been called synonymous with innovation in 2008, unveiled a product called ‘iPhone’ that was not in the world. The smartphone, which emerged at a time when Nokia and Samsung were fighting over the world’s feature phone market, quickly shook the IT (information technology) market.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, the world’s largest electronics company, also rushed to develop smartphones as soon as it thought that smart phones would become the mainstream of the mobile phone market in the future, and introduced a touch-screen product called ‘Omnia’.

After concentrating on smartphone development with the help of Samsung Electronics, in March 2010 Samsung Electronics re-introduced the Galaxy S, which is different from the existing Omnia, in the smartphone market.

Samsung Electronics’ wireless division, which is trying to show off its new smartphone, has been focusing on the brand naming process.

Samsung Electronics officials said, “Vice president Shin Jong-kyun, who was the head of wireless business among various naming ideas of executives and employees of the wireless business department, finally made a ‘Galaxy’ last.”

Galaxy has the dictionary meaning of the galaxy. The galaxy is literally a space with infinite possibilities. The answer is that no one knows where the end is. Like the unfamiliar galaxy, Samsung Electronics’ strategy smartphone is hoping to grow into an ecosystem with unlimited potential.

Samsung Electronics introduced the Galaxy S series next year and launched the Galaxy S2. As a result, it surpassed the world’s leading smartphone makers such as Apple and Nokia to become the world’s largest smartphone market share. Despite the recent challenges from Chinese makers, SEC has remained a dominant player in the global smartphone market since 2011.

At that time, the 4-inch screen was the mainstream of smartphones. This was because Steve Jobs had to be able to work with the iPhone while the smartphone was able to work with one hand, and it would be hard if the screen size exceeded 4 inches.

However, with the change of concept, Samsung showed an extraordinary 5 inch Galaxy Note at the time of fall 2011. For users familiar with the 4-inch screen, the 5-inch screen was considered unnecessarily large and difficult to store in a pocket.

However, Samsung Electronics continued to launch large-screen smartphones with the word ‘Pebelet (smartphone + tablet)’ coming out as a big screen smartphone would dominate the market. In the end, Samsung’s expectations were right, and now the 6-inch screen is the average size of a premium smartphone. Since then, Samsung has been releasing the Galaxy S series in the first half and the Galaxy Note series in the second half.

Smart Watch, which has continued to become a ‘gear’ series, has also changed its brand name from ‘Galaxy Watch’ since last year, and Samsung’s smart devices have been unified under the brand ‘Galaxy’. At the time, Samsung Electronics said, “We changed the brand to provide Galaxy smart device and service experience integrated into SmartWatch.”

The launch of the Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S series, marks its 10th anniversary this year. The Galaxy S10 will be unveiled at the unpacking event held in San Francisco next month. The S10 will be the first smart phone to have a TB (terabyte) built-in memory, and it will show a level comparable to a PC (personal computer).

It has been 10 years since the brand called Galaxy came into the world. Samsung Electronics is interested in leading the new 10-year mobile environment with the Galaxy as its starting point.