Google Employees May Face Pay Cuts if They Choose to Work from Home

Under the influence of the covid- 19 epidemic, long-distance work has become a global trend. However, Google has launched a set of salary calculation tools that show that once employees switch to working from home for a long time, they may encounter salary cuts, and the longer the commute distance, the greater the salary cut.

To help employees balance the work style of returning to the office and remote office, Google launched the “Work Location Tool” in June this year, allowing employees to choose whether to return to their original office, transfer to a new office, or apply for remote office , And calculate the changes in salary and benefits for employees under the change of office location.

If full-time work from home, employees’ salary may be reduced by about 10%. An employee living in Stamford, Connecticut said that if he chooses to work from home, his salary may be reduced. 15%, another colleague who lives in New York City and works in the same office as the former, the salary of choosing to work from home will not decrease.

IInternal salary calculation tools, showing that the salary difference in Seattle, Boston and San Francisco is about 5%-10%.

In response to the above report, a Google spokesperson responded that it did not adjust the salary according to the employee’s choice to move from the office to the remote office. For example, the salary of the employee who goes to work in the New York office will be the same as that of the remote office in other parts of New York City. of.