Google Maps Exceed Borders

Google began to turn on a new feature in its maps, on iOS devices, to make recommendations for where to eat, without searching directly.

The company announced in a blog published on Monday that the new service, called “For You“, can now run Google Maps on Apple devices.

The company has seen the new service during a developers’ conference earlier this year as part of a reform introduced into the application’s main design.

The Android feature was launched last June, and the service will later expand to more than 130 countries on Android.

The For You update is designed to facilitate tracking of what is happening in a location close to the user, and monitoring local favorites.

By clicking the buttons at the bottom of the screen after opening the app, users will now be able to see recommendations about where to go, where to eat, and what to do.

The For You tab is the latest update to encourage Google Maps users to be more familiar with the places they visit.

In February 2017, Google Maps added a feature that allowed people to create lists of their favorite sites. Users can send those lists to family and friends via several means.