Honda has developed Vehicle Camera

Honda Research Institute in the United States will pilot a highway monitoring system that aims to help maintain roads in a more efficient, profitable and timely manner.

To do this, Honda has developed new technology that uses a vehicle’s camera to analyze the condition of lane markings. Lane markings that are in good condition are assigned a greenish color code, while marks deemed “acceptable” are assigned a yellow color code. Lane markings in need of repair have a red designation, while places without lane markings are assigned a gray color code.

This information, as well as the GPS coordinates and the relevant images – or videos – are recorded anonymously and sent to the authorities responsible for road maintenance. The data should allow them to quickly determine the location and severity of poor lane markings so they can be repaired. Drivers, finally, will be listened to to fix certain sections, something that does not usually manifest itself beyond a frustrated comment.

The system builds on technology already installed in vehicles and promises to make roads safer. Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jack Marchbanks also suggested potential savings when he said, “We inspect our roads frequently and act quickly to address any issues,” but it is a “labor-intensive process.” This could also reduce the need for manual inspections and road monitoring.

The Honda Research Institute is also exploring how this information could be shared between vehicles so that driver assistance systems can be adjusted to better deal with different lane marking conditions. This information could also be used to warn drivers in advance of various problems, such as when they might need to regain control of the vehicle due to bad lane markings.

In principle, Honda plans to expand the capabilities of the highway monitoring system in the future to detect more than just lane markings. There is no specific information, but it is easy to see how the system could be used to identify and report potholes or holes.

Source: Honda