Honda Registers 9 Trademarks in One Go

Following Toyota‘s announcement of its electric vehicle strategy last year, Honda finally revealed a number of new car plans a few days ago, including the new electric recreational travel e:Ny1, which is expected to be the pure electric version of HR-V. 9 electric vehicle logos, from e:Ny1 all the way to e:Ny9.

According to foreign media reports, Honda has registered the e:Ny series of trademarks and is expected to launch 9 electric vehicles, except that the original e:Ny1 has been announced, which is a small cross-border leisure travel setting. , From the naming rules, e:Ny2 is likely to be a medium-sized electric SUV corresponding to the size of CR-V.

In addition, to spread out Honda’s current recreational lineup, the Passport and Pilot are positioned above the CR-V, and they are both hot-selling models. Therefore, foreign media speculate that e:Ny3 and e:Ny4 will correspond to these two models respectively. models, forming a complete lineup of SUVs as complete as fuel vehicles.

As for the e:Ny5, Volkswagen’s new ID.Buzz has attracted a lot of attention. The electric MPV market cannot be ignored, and Honda’s Odyssey is loved by many consumers. Foreign media believe that it is expected to launch an electric MPV in the name of e:Ny5. The new car, while the e:Ny6 is presumed to be an electric pickup.

Finally, there are three cars such as e:Ny7, e:Ny8, e:Ny9. Media pointed out that the positioning is relatively high in terms of names. It is expected to be the mass production of a series of e:N electric concept cars previously announced by Honda. In the version, there will be advanced settings such as RVs and coupes, and even convertible models are expected.

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