How the Richest Person on the Planet Bezos Spends His Billions

 Reported by Forbes, Jeff has a net worth of around 156 billion US dollars. Most of the income coffers are due to ownership in Amazon.

He founded Amazon on July 5, 1994 which later became the source of much of his wealth. Jeff’s parents were surprised when he decided to leave his comfortable job on Wall Street to sell books online.

Although shocked, Bezos’s parents actually invested about a quarter of a million dollars in his company at that time. Unexpectedly, this investment could be worth up to 30 billion US dollars at this time. 1997 became history for Amazon to make an initial public offering. Since that day, the stock price adjusted for the split has increased by more than 97,000 percent. The increase in Amazon shares leaves its competitors like dust.

Over the past two decades, the Amazon has continued to grow. This global e-commerce sells a variety of products ranging from electronics to digital. One of the most “crazy” is Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud service which until February 2018 is worth 17.5 billion US dollars. Popularity and growing development of the Amazon are the main sources of Jeff’s wealth. He is the largest shareholder in Amazon, which owns 16 percent of the e-commerce giant. Jeff’s wealth is huge. According to calculations quoted from Business Insider, he spent 88,000 US dollars with an average expenditure of one person who was only 1 US dollar. From real estate to space travel, quoted from Business Insider, this is how Bezos spends his wealth. Land and Property Jeff is one of the largest landowners in Uncle Sam’s country.

He and his family have at least five homes in the US. One, a land with two houses on 5.3 hectares of land located in Medina, Washington, not far from the Amazon headquarters in Seattle. Jeff also has a Spanish-style house in Beverly Hills, California. In addition, he also owns a farm in Van Horn, Texas, which serves as the base for the “Blue Origin” space exploration company. Jeef did not escape buying a townhouse in Washington DC in 2016. Plus, Jeff’s parents also had three condominiums in the Century building located at 25 Central Park West in Manhattan.

Despite the abundance of money, Jeff was rather economical with the transportation he used. In 2013, he was still driving a Honda Accord as in the book The Everything Store. However, Jeff has a Gulfstream G650ER private jet worth 65 million US dollars.

The latest flight records show that the jet has visited the Washington DC area several times, sparking speculation that the site could be the location of the second headquarters planned by Amazon. Media One of Jeff’s important wealth purchases in recent years was the acquisition of The Washington Post for 250 million US dollars in 2013. Jeff’s Charitable Activity has not been officially committed as “philanthropy” so far.

The other side, his hyper-billionaire counterparts such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who promised to contribute a large portion of their wealth to charity. However, quoting from Business Insider, Jeff supports Mary’s Place, an organization in Seattle that provides training and shelter and work for those who are homeless. Then, TheDream.US supported people who were brought to the US as illegal immigrants when they were children

. Jeff also supports a number of unusual companies and businesses, such as the Long Now Foundation, which seeks to build a giant “10,000-year-old” mechanism under West Texas. Outer Exploration Spending on Jeff’s most ambitious endeavor is probably Blue Origin, his space exploration company. Blue Origin has conducted several successful trials for rocket that can be reused, New Shepard.

Currently, Blue Origin is developing a newer New Glenn rocket system, which can be reused, which might be able to compete with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

In the long run, Jeff wanted to make Blue Origin support space flight that brought people on a large scale with the aim of colonizing the solar system. Jeff told one of the CEOs of Business Insider parent company Matthias Döpfner that he considered Blue Origin “the most important work he did (now).” Jeff also told Döpfner that he planned to spend all his wealth on space exploration. use the finances regarding my finances from Amazon to fund it. “