Is There A Formula for Happiness?

Hülya Karahan

Although the formula of being happy is still not fully explored, however some methods can be developed to be happy. The first thing to do is make some decisions and make it sustainable. What can be done to be happy?

There is a way to be happy, but we are somehow able to wake up to a sad and desperate day. As we struggle for a lifetime for that absolute happiness and peace, we are focused on our hearts while ignoring what we have. When a dream comes true, we run to one another.

We are constantly thinking without stopping and breathing and knowing what a great blessing it is to breathe. We keep envy the,  houses and cars  of our neighbors, the beauty of the magazines.

We forget that we must compare ourselves only with yesterday ourselves, that every day we must do the best of ourselves , that we have a life with this body and soul, our closest friend is our soul, our greatest endurance is our body.

Take a look today and ask yourself “what makes me happy”?

Your answer is endless love, abundant money, being like a model, put it in your long-term plans all these things.

Stay in an endless love place, for example. Surprise me if it comes. It’s not something to be gained by struggling. Admit it. Even if you think you are endless, it will be a day. Love, be lovable.

Plenty of money does not come in a day after the numbers in the lottery can not hold. Moreover, no money will make a person happy when he does not have the right to buy his own. Doing work, drowning, chilling, doing your job properly and constantly improving yourself brings you a win.

Your body will never betray you if you eat healthy and play your favorite sport. Seeing your own development and saying “I am doing it” is the biggest source of motivation.

Love and money are a bit of luck, a bit convincing, but physical and spiritual development is in your own hands.

In short, all we have is our body and soul. Where we go, what we carry with us. If we do not take good care of them and respect them, it will be pointless to wait for someone else to respect us.

I will give you an immediate recipe. It’s a life-saving mix that you can store in the refrigerator for up to a week. Pull a half kilo of curd cheese, a bunch of parsley and a bunch of dill in a food processor and place in a bowl.

Every morning you can create a distinct flavor with this amazing blend. One day you can break an egg into a two-spoon curd mixture, drive it over a slice of bread, give it to the fir, you can mix it with 3-4 egg whites and turn it into a pan; you can put it on top of the lavash and stuff it into boiled egg whites or you can make a great toast with tomato and olive with this mixture.

Isn’t that a great  pleasure for you to eat what you do yourself, to know that what you eat is healthy, and to feel what you are doing for yourself. Do not you want to take a step towards achieving your goals in common with this key?

Remember, happiness is not in the future. This is it. Now. Do what you can du for yourself. I prepare healthy meals myself, I do sport, I live to have pleasant conversations with my friends and my family. When love and money are added to them…

Do not be mad at the past, do not question tomorrow. Life is here. Do your best for yourself and your loved ones today. Make a mixture of curd cheese, dill, parsley, for example … Start happily…

 And read a Rumi’s poem: A moment of happines!