Japanese Car Brands Rebounded Ahead of Discount

As sales fell sharply in July and boycotts continued, Japanese manufacturers began aggressive discounts from October. As many as 10 million won discount to try to turn the consumer’s mind. As a result, all other Japanese manufacturers, except Lexus, succeeded in increasing sales.

Honda is the biggest brand in sales volume growth. It only sold 166 in September, but sold 806. There were 665 pilots sold. Nissan and Infiniti, which couldn’t even sell 50 cars, have tripled their sales.

Mercedes-Benz continues to be unique. The E-Class recorded sales that surpassed Kia K3 and Hyundai Palisade. Compared to the BMW 5 Series, there are more than 1800 cars. In addition, the GLC and C-Class continue to sell more than the BMW 3 Series.

The brand to watch is Audi. In addition to the A5 and Q7, the company also added the A6, and quickly became the second largest imported car brand after Mercedes and BMW. Volkswagen also plans to release various models centering on Ateon. Jeep has increased sales of more than 430 units from the previous month with various discount policies.

Lamborghini sold more than 20 Ursmann. In addition, Maserati’s luxury car sales are growing at a rapid pace, with 104 cars and 14 Rolls Royce.