King Glory: Zhang Feixin Skin

“Glory of the King” has also added a lot of new elements recently, and it also allows players to see a lot of surprises. This change will also see a lot of different changes, but also won the recognition of many players, and the addition of new skin. It is also a big surprise.

A lot of skins that were exposed before were also added. It was also the first time to meet with everyone, which made players feel very good. It is also a good welfare activity in this update, but there are many other than these. Skin that has not been exposed before has also appeared.

The welfare of joining this time is a very strong change. First of all, the nature to be said is the skin of Zhang Fei. The hero Zhang Fei is also liked by many players in the game. He is also a hero who is more fleshy. In the game, it is also exposed in this time, the players are also very fond of.

And this basic model is also joined, it is also very good, and this skin is also the lowest epic level, so it is also a very pleasant surprise for players, you can also wait and see the new exposure of this Zhang Fei skin.

The second is the skin exposure of Ming Shiyin. The hero of Ming Shiyin is also a hero that the player likes in the game. This time, he will also meet with everyone in the form of welfare skin. It is also very excellent. This skin is added. It is also a very wonderful change.

This time, there is also an original painting style, which looks very good. The exposure of this skin is also a good surprise. Since the welfare is marked, it is also considered by many players to join the King Crystal Store. Liked by players.

The skin of the cadre will also be added with the update of the version. This also caused a lot of changes, which made the player feel very good. It also caused a lot of attention in the game.