The Best Chinese Foods

These Chinese foods are not only Chinese people like, many It has also received the attention and love of foreigners, and even came from afar to be able to eat.

There are a few Chinese dishes here that the Japanese think is the best after eating, and the Tao is classic. Chinese ramen, many Japanese people are also very fond of ramen, but they can eat ramen no more Chinese side dishes, but also have their own flavor, it is simply color and flavor.

This Mapo tofu is a special dish of Sichuan. Many people have expressed their love for it after eating. It is quite spicy and delicious. In Japan, the popularity of thisis the highest. It is simply The fighters in all classic Chinese dishes are directly represented as Chinese dishes.


The most common classic home-cooked vegetable green pepper shredded pork. The meat used in the country is pork. After going to Japan, people changed the pork into beef. After changing it, it still has the original shadow. The Japanese love, and the green pepper shredded pork is also discharged into the most representative Chinese food by the Japanese.

In the end, it can be said that everyone loves it, and that is the dumplings. The Japanese are also very fond of dumplings. There are many ways to eat dumplings in the country, but the dumplings can only be seen in Japan. The practice is to eat fried, and there is a mix of rice and rice to make dumplings. It seems that the influence of Chinese cuisine is also extremely high.


Garlic scallop
2. Kung Pao Chicken

3. Hot and sour potato

4. Fried rice cake

5. Green pepper beef fillet

6. oyster sauce lettuce

7. Garlic Broccoli




Hot and sour soup
2. Seafood corn soup
3. Tomato and potato bouillon soup