Mercedes-Benz Apologizes to the Chinese People

The brand has promised to deepen its employees understanding of Chinese culture and values


This morning, we noticed that our company’s international social media had posted an extremely erroneous message. For this, we sincerely apologize.

Although we deleted the post as soon as possible, we fully understand how it has hurt the feelings of people in this country, including our colleagues who work in the country. For this, we express our sincerest apologies.
We fully understand and respect the feelings of our compatriots on this issue and accept criticism and comments from all parties.

Taking this incident as a guide, we will immediately take practical actions to deepen our understanding of Chinese culture and values — including for our overseas colleagues — and regulate our behavior to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

Finally, we sincerely apologize again.

While Mercedes-Benz has not allowed comments on its apology post, a lively discussion on the issue is ongoing over on the official Weibo account of the nationalistic Global Times tabloid.