Microsoft Whiteboard: iOS Web Version Available

A few months ago, Microsoft released the whiteboard app, which until then was exclusively for the Surface Hub, for Windows 10. First as a preview version, then officially in mid-July.

At the same time as the release of the final version for Windows, an app for iOS was also promised. This can now be downloaded from the App Store.

Microsoft Whiteboard (Free, App Store) →

In addition, there is now a web version at, but this is still in the preview phase and is only available to selected customers,  general availability will follow later.

The special feature of Microsoft Whiteboard is the opportunity to work together. If you have the opportunity, then try out with a friend or colleague, you can follow the changes on both devices in real time (good network connection of course provided.

In Windows 10, the virtual whiteboard also works with Microsoft private accounts.


http://Microsoft Whiteboard (Kostenlos, Windows Store) →

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