“Microsoft will Rrelease the Xbox One S”

In 2019, Microsoft will release the Xbox One S without a floppy drive and allow you to exchange discs for digital copies.

In July, the Thurrott resource revealed that the new Xbox family of consoles has the working name Scarlett and one of the new products will be intended for streaming. Today, the site has shared a new rumor, this time about Xbox One.

According to Thurrott sources, Microsoft will introduce its nekstgen no later than 2020. In 2019, the company plans to release a new Xbox One S model – without a floppy drive. Having got rid of the drive, the authors want to reduce the cost of the console from $ 299 to 199 or lower.

The platform holder understands that many users have managed to collect a solid collection of physical copies of games, so they will offer a program for switching to digital versions. As planned by the corporation, you can take your discs to the store participating in the promotion and exchange them for codes from digital copies.

Also, according to Thurrott, Microsoft is working on a second new Xbox One S. The company will reduce the cost of the console without sacrificing the drive. According to the site, this model will also be released in 2019.

As for the aforementioned Scarlett, the platform holder has not yet decided whether the device will be equipped with a disk drive.