Most Russians Consider Money be the Best Gift

Most Russians consider money be the best gift for a holiday, according to a study by Russian Standard Bank, one of the largest Russian retail banks and acquirers.

Several thousand respondents – members of groups on social networks Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and others – took part in the study on the eve of the New Year.

“The tradition of giving money remains relevant among Russians. When asked what gifts you like to receive, the majority, namely 45.5% of respondents, answered:“ money. ”In second place were useful and practical gifts with a share of 25.5%. On the third – presents for the soul, which will bring positive emotions (23%), “- said the authors of the study.

At the same time, they receive cash on a festive occasion, with which they subsequently buy themselves what they want, the majority of the respondents – 63%. Useful presents are given to 22% of respondents, a gift for the soul – 14%, a prepaid card or certificate – 2%.

As for gifts to friends, relatives and colleagues, the majority of respondents, namely 35%, give what, in their opinion, the recipient will not buy for himself, a gift that will be sincerely glad. 27% of respondents choose money, and 20% prefer to protect themselves – they give a gift, ordered in advance by the hero of the occasion. A gift that, according to the donor, will be useful in everyday life, is presented by 10.5% of respondents. A joint purchase of a surprise with friends or relatives is preferred by 4% of respondents. And to give a prepaid bank card or certificates – 3%.

Separately, the respondents were asked about the most memorable gift, the answer to which was offered in a free form. Thus, among other unforgettable gifts, the respondents listed: “a trip to Turkey as a gift to yourself”, “a surprise from friends”, “101 roses”, “drawings from children”, “car”, “theater tickets”, “gadgets of the latter models “.

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