Nike is the Most Valuable Apparel Brand in the World

Sporting goods maker value rose 23% compared to last year

Nike, the sporting goods brand, is the most valuable apparel company in the world, according to research by consultancy Kantar, obtained exclusively by Epoca BUSINESS. This year it reached a value of US $ 47.4 billion, 23% higher than that registered in 2018. It is the second consecutive year that Nike leads the list. The “100 Most Valuable Global Brands” ranking elects the most relevant companies in various segments on a global scale, based on the analysis of the companies’ financial performance and the opinions of millions of consumers surveyed in around 50 markets worldwide.

Using recycled rubber, startup creates shoe line “most sustainable in the world”
According to Kantar, consistent communication and storytelling across all channels, including the advertising campaign with American football player Colin Kaepernick, helped reinforce Nike’s leadership credentials. The sale of limited edition products in partnership with luxury brands also added value to the company.

Second in the ranking is Zara, with a value of US $ 22 billion. The brand that grew the most was Lulemon, of sports clothing, with an increase of 77% compared to last year.

For Kantar, consumer awareness of the environmental cost of fast fashion has already begun to affect the brand values ​​of fashion retailers. Zara (-16%, to $ 22.6 billion) and H&M (-28%, to $ 6.4 billion) suffered from the growing concern about the cost of producing, transporting and selling clothes.

“Changing consumer values ​​in relation to sustainability means that getting people to buy more clothes is a difficult task. However, the value of clothing brands this year rose 1%, to $ 118 billion, due to the strength of the athleure (combination of sport and casual) brands in the ranking, which are seen as socially and environmentally responsible. Retailers trying to achieve a zero footprint will be among the most loved brands, as people are attracted to those who take risks and offer something different and special, ”said Graham Staplehurst, director of global strategy at Kantar, in a note.

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Another highlight in this year’s survey is the unprecedented presence of the brands The North Face, Levi’s and Ralph Lauren in the first 10 positions in the ranking. See the full list:

1. Nike – $ 47.4 billion
2. Zara – $ 22.6 billion
3. Adidas – $ 13.3 billion
4. Uniqlo – $ 9.8 billion
5. Lulemon – $ 6.9 billion
6. H&M – $ 6.4 billion
7. Under Armor – $ 3.9 billion
8. The North Face – $ 2.8 billion
9. Levi’s – $ 2.4 billion
10. Ralph Lauren – $ 2.4 billion

Nike launches new sustainable line on Earth Day
The Nike Crater Impact and Revival line are made from recycled material

In yet another Move to Zero initiative, Nike’s positioning for reducing waste and carbon emissions, the brand launches the Nike Crater Impact line of sneakers and the Revival collection, made from recycled material.

The Nike Crater Impact pack is part of a new sneaker collection made from around 25% recycled material in total. The Revival collection was created with a mixture of recycled polyester, sustainable cotton. All parts in the set meet 90% or more of the efficiency requirements, as they use practically only recycled materials.