Nike Launches “Smart Shoe”

Nike has announced the launch of a new smart shoe, and promised to make it a reality after the idea appeared for the first time in the second part of the film “Back to the Future” production 1989.

This shoe is the latest version of the future shoes, it can adjust the position on foot, narrowing or widening, through smart phones.

Nike has launched the new shoe Nike Bike, which will be sold for about $ 350, and is expected to be put on sale in the market next February, after the allocation of basketball players.

“We deliberately chose basketball as the first sport in which Nike sneakers were introduced, because of the special requirements the basketball players want in their shoes,” explains Nike’s innovation manager Eric Avar.

“During the basketball game, the positions and footprints of the players change, so there is a need to quickly change the position of the shoe by loosening the ligament to relieve pressure on the foot, increase blood flow and then tighten it again to continue playing.”

“So the new shoe is a key element that we believe will improve the players’ experience.”

Nike says the new shoe is “self-adjusting”, and you can only control it with a smart phone that offers the right preferences.

Basketball players can enter special and varied settings for each time of the game, they can remove the shoe and relieve pressure on the foot during rest and exit from the stadium and then put it back to the previous position during entry.

The app will store these settings that athletes can share with Nike.

Nike launched in 2012 a smart shoe designed for the runners and fits different measurements, but the timing was not good and disappeared from the markets.

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Nike has announced the launch of a new smart shoe, and promised to make it a reality

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