Only 3% of Brazilians Intend to Travel at the End of the Year

Only 3% of Brazilians intend to travel at the end of the year, according to a survey carried out by with 13,780 people.

The data reflects the concern about the covid-19 pandemic, according to the company, at a time when health authorities in European countries, especially, but also in other regions and in Brazil announce increased circulation restrictions.

In another survey, released in October, before the new rise in cases of the disease and the increase in restrictions, the rate of people who intended to travel in the following months was 68%.

In the current edition, the plans are for the next year. Here are some numbers:

• 28% of respondents say they have plans to travel in the first half of 2021;
• 24.3% that the recovery should happen only in the second half; and
• 35.7% do not think about dates and must wait until the scenario is less uncertain.

According to Alexandre Monteiro, a partner at the startup and responsible for the research, until the vaccine arrives, the confinement period imposed by the pandemic may be a good opportunity to plan the trip to new destinations and save on the itinerary in the near future.




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