Oracle Releases Oracle Visual Builder Platform

Oracle announced on May 26, 2020 (US time) that the development team will provide a fully integrated environment “Oracle Visual Builder Platform” for developing and delivering cloud native applications.

Visual Builder Platform integrates the functions of “Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service” and “Oracle Developer Cloud Service” and covers the entire development life cycle from planning to delivery and hosting. It consists of a development interface “Visual Builder Studio” and a runtime/hosting service “Visual Builder”.

Visual Builder Studio with rich feature support
Visual Builder Studio integrates agile collaborative team development platform with code management and CI (continuous integration)/CD (continuous delivery) automation functions, and supports visual development of web and mobile applications.

Oracle Visual Builder Studio is a set of build steps and CI/CD pipeline for publishing and managing Visual Builder applications, as well as features that streamline the development lifecycle for Visual Builder developers, project templates, and environment management. I will provide a.

These features are directly integrated with the visual development experience of web and mobile user interfaces provided by the Visual Builder editor. By developing visual applications with Visual Builder, development teams can accelerate the delivery of innovative user experiences by leveraging the rich component set of the modular JavaScript development toolkit, Oracle JET.

The Oracle development team uses Visual Builder Studio to develop the next-generation “Oracle Cloud Applications”. Visual Builder Studio will be an interface for power users and developers to configure and customize new modules offered by the Oracle Cloud Applications team.

Additionally, Visual Builder Studio is a great solution for creating current and future Oracle Cloud Applications extensions, thanks to its suite of features. An example of an extension is the built-in service catalog that provides easy access to business objects in Oracle Cloud Applications.

In addition, Visual Builder Studio is based on industry standards and can leverage data from any REST-based data source, allowing users to easily mash up data from Oracle Cloud Applications and data from custom and external sources. Can be created.