Salma Hayek has Shared with her Followers A Video of PCR

Salma Hayek has wanted to share a curious video with her followers. The actress has managed to find that comic side that is needed to deal with such complicated issues as the coronavirus. With an amusing video, the interpreter has collected some of the PCR that have been reported and also counted as they lived these experiences.

The coronavirus has changed our lives for all of us and also for other celebrities. They did not want to share with their followers their experiences with the PCR problems, which they had to do during the running days, as I did during their Oscars moment.

One of the latest in it was Salma Hayek, who also published a video compilation adding to them, recognizing how she felt in those moments.

In the post, we can see the actress, who has performed there several times due to professional commitments, including the introduction to the nose: “I’m here”.

As it could not have been any other way, with more than 16 million people and the average number of followers, I could not resist commenting on the curious video of the Mexican actress, many of them have shared their own experience: “You have not survived so many problems, but with your the first one could only breathe “, and other questions asked:” Duele? How many times have you had to do it? “.

I’m sure you’re interested …

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