Samsung First Cellphone with 12 GB RAM in 2019

South Korean cellphone vendor, Samsung, is rumored to be releasing the first cellphone with 12 GB RAM in 2019. The flagship phone will be included in the Galaxy S family.

So far, the largest RAM size that is generally owned by a smartphone, is still in the range of 6 GB. Even phones with 8GB of RAM are still not many.  But the  The cellphone is none other than the Galaxy S10 which is predicted to be introduced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in February 2019.

Samsung is said to be going to make the Galaxy S10 variant with RAM and jumbo storage which is 12 GB and 1 TB. This speculation arose from a report by the Hong Kong-based GF Securities securities firm. Furthermore, the report predicts the Galaxy S10 will be equipped with 5G technology and six camera configurations. Quoted by KompasTekno from GadgetsNow.  Samsung is working on a 5G cellphone that had 6 cameras. This phone is predicted as a mobile “Beyond X”, the Galaxy S10 with the highest specifications. Unlike most cellphone sizes, this smartphone is called to have a 6.7-inch wide screen and will be released at MWC 2019. Most likely, this is the phone with the first 12 GB RAM to be introduced by Samsung.

For certain marketing areas, Samsung is expected to embed the Snapdragon 8150 chipset behind the Galaxy S10 kitchen. Nevertheless, Samsung itself has not provided further information regarding the report. Until now, Samsung has not revealed what specifications will be carried on the Galaxy S10. In addition to the Galaxy S10, Samsung is also said to be preparing a cellphone with screen technology that can be folded like a book. This phone is expected to be released along with the Galaxy S10, which is on the upcoming 2019 MWC title.


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