Slowly Open Your Nnees…

When you get older, you get sore in your shoulders, forearms, belly, and sides. Why not eat more food than when younger?

The older you are, the lower your muscle mass and the lower your basal metabolic rate. There is a lot of misconception that this is not the case. However, if you correct your lifestyle and exercise properly, you can get rid of the nerves.

The nipples differ in their boiling points by gender and age. For men, the belly is mainly steamed. Testosterone, a hormone involved in male abdominal obesity, decreases from about 30 years old. Most men start social life at this time and continue drinking and late meals. There is no choice but to get pricked.

The nipples after the forties are often in the form of dry obesity. Dry obesity is seemingly slim, but it comes out of the boat and has a body fat percentage of over 25%. It is common in people who do not exercise and starve to lose weight. These people tend to like flour food and alcohol, such as noodles and bread, rather than meat, fish, and eggs.

Women are particularly prone to postnatal problems after childbirth and after menopause. If the starting point of male is a drink and meat-based meal, the starting point of female childbirth. During pregnancy, a large amount of fat accumulates in the abdomen to protect the fetus. In this case, 1 to 4 kg of accumulated fat remains after the baby is born. Because of this, women give birth after the abdominal fat is stretched and the muscles swell. This fatigued skin and muscles after middle age when the fat is attached to the nipples are severe.

In menopause, the female hormone decreases and the nerves attach to earnestly. Women who enter the menopausal period (menopause transition period) weigh about 0.8kg a year. Menopause usually lasts four to seven years, so during this period, the nipples are squeezed about 3 to 6 kg.

Fasting (optional), not mandatory

If you start digesting your nipples, your basic metabolic rate is already lower than in the past. Even if you eat the same amount as your 20s, you get fat. In order to win the battle against , it is necessary to consume a diet that reduces the intake of fat and carbohydrates without overeating and reduces the total calorie intake per day. When fasting, it causes the aging of the body and reduces the production of active oxygen which calls various diseases. The range of fasting is most ideal to reduce about 30% of the calories you ingest. Monkey experiments conducted by the US National Institute on Aging have maximized the effect of extending the life span of monkeys by 30% of total calories. If you want to practice fasting immediately, let’s reduce the size of rice bowl at the next meal. If you eat less rice, the amount of side dishes consumed can be lower than usual.

Exercises to remove the nipple from the house at home

Exercise is essential to get rid of your nipples. Experts advise that it is ideal to have a two-to-one ratio between aerobic exercise and strength exercise. Muscle strength is good with low strength. A middle-aged man with weak muscles is likely to be injured during exercise. You can divide into two or three times a day to practice yoga, pilates, sit-ups, push-ups, and so on.

Using a dumbbell is more effective. Instead of avoiding too heavy a weight, it is better to increase the number of times by three sets of 15 times.

Lay your legs on your back, put your dumbbells between your feet, bend your knees slightly, and lift your feet until your belly has strength.

Hold a dumbbell in one hand and collect your feet. Lowered the upper body and lowered the leg that crossed the dumbbell arm so that the body was parallel to the floor.

Hold the dumbbell in both hands and bend the upper body at right angles. It keeps the elbows from bending and raises the dumbbell behind the hips.

Sit on the chair and fix the dumbbell between the two feet. Slowly open your knees so that your knees do not open, then bend.