Sodexo: CAC40 Index to Exit Soon

Sodexo wins 2% and thus outperforms the CAC40 (+ 0.3%), while the title of the service group will have to leave the flagship index of the Paris Bourse on June 22, following a decision by the scientific council Euronext indices.

The latter indeed decided Thursday evening, at the end of its quarterly review of the indices, to replace the value as a component of the CAC40, by the title Teleperformance. The Sodexo share will however be included in the CAC Next 20 index.

The Euronext Index Scientific Council released its verdict on Thursday evening. From June 22, Sodexo will no longer be part of the CAC 40. The catering giant will be replaced by the specialist in call centers, Teleperformance. After Worldline in March, the Paris index welcomes a second flagship of technology.

The decision was particularly awaited. The Covid-19 crisis has melted some capitalizations within the Paris index, in particular in the sectors most affected by containment, such as commercial real estate, aeronautics, tourism, the automobile or catering .

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