Spain State Debt Rises

The State’s debt stood at 1,029,634 million euros in November, which represents an increase of 9,106 million euros compared to October, its second highest historical level, according to the data updated this Friday by the Bank of Spain .

Specifically, the state debt figure represents an increase of 9,106 million euros compared to October, 0.9% more, and a rebound of 42,458 million year-on-year, with an increase of 4.3%.

In this way, the State’s debt is approaching the historical maximum reached in September (1,034,043 million euros), marking its second highest historical level, which is in line with the historical heights it has been marking in recent years. years since it surpassed the threshold of 900,000 million in the month of September 2015.

In addition to recovering the upward trend, so far this year the State’s debt has risen by 33,149 million, 3.3% more than in December 2017.

Long-term values

By instruments, most of the State’s debt in the eleventh month of the year was concentrated in long-term securities, with 894,225 million euros, 86.8% of the total and 6.9% more than in November 2017 .

Of the rest, 71,121 million were recorded in short-term securities, 9.2% more interannual, and 64,287 million in the rest of the debt that is included in the excessive deficit procedure.

By sectors of counterpart, public administrations registered a debt of 13,609 million in the penultimate month of the year, 2% less than a year ago.

In addition, deposits in the Bank of Spain, which include auctions of Treasury liquidity, reached 25,780 million in November, 21.4% more interannual, while the guarantees granted reached 94,951 million, 6.6% less .