Spider-Man Gym Developers at PS4 Crashed Scandal

Spider-Man PlayStatin 4 (PS4) console in 2018 has indeed been awaited by heavy fans in various countries.

Officially launched on the market September 7, 2018, apparently not everyone feels enthusiastic about welcoming the game. Why?

Recently screenshots (screenshots) of Spider-Man gameplay are showing the graphics drop in the game when shown first at E3 2018.

This graphic comparison is posted to the Reddit page by the game’s fans who accuse Insomniac Games, as the game’s developer, deliberately downgrading the graphics in the game.

As a comparison, he also uploaded a screenshot that you can see in full below.

It didn’t take long, posting and screenshots of the comparison immediately became one of the most popular threads with 29 thousand upvotes.

Furthermore, some gamers who have pre-ordered or plan to buy feel worried that the game’s graphic display is far different from the one shown.

Some accuse Insomniac Games of cheating. Do not want this scandal to continue, even the US-based company finally spoke up.

Through its Twitter account, the company said, “This is only a change in the size and location of the puddle, there is no decline in graphics in the game at all.”

James Stevenson, community director at Insomniac Games, also commented. He explained to followers on his Twitter account, “Moving the puddle in the game has nothing to do with the performance or quality of graphics in the game.”

For some of the big fans of Spider-Man’s game, comments from Insomniac and Stevenson were able to ease the fraud scandal placed in the company.

But for some other gamers this is not enough. The same thing happened to Ubisoft when it launched the first series of Watch Dogs.

Information, Marvel Spider-Man slides exclusively on PS4 on September 7, 2018.