Subaru New Legacy B4 Full Model Change in 2019

Information that Subaru’s flagship sedan “Legacy B 4” will be fully remodeled in 2019.

In the MOBY editorial department, obtain the expected rendering CG created based on the information! “We will anticipate the design and specs of the new Legacy B4”.

Subaru’s top sedan “LEGACY B4” has entered information to make a full model change. Also, obtain the predicted rendering CG image of the new type Legacy B 4 created based on the information.

From the rendering CG created, there is no significant design change compared to the current type, and it can be seen that it is a keep concept. The front has a sharper headlight design, and the lower air intake is larger to increase the cooling effect. The side renews the press line, and it has finished in a sharp and sporty design more than ever by putting a slit in the tire house.

Subaru’s next generation platform “SGP (Subaru Global Platform)” will be adopted for the new Legacy B4 platform. The wheelbase seems to be extended slightly.

There is information that the 4-cylinder 2.4L direct injection turbo engine is installed in the North American model powertrain. However, since this is an alternative to the 3.6 L 6-cylinder NA engine that exists only in the North American model, it seems that it will not be included in the Japanese model.

Although there is no information on the powertrain of the Japanese model, there is a possibility that it may be replaced with a downsizing turbo engine of 1.5 to 1.6 L according to the trend of low displacement volume in recent years.