Sydney Stock Market: Financial, Material Stocks Are High

The Sydney stock market on the 29th day of the week is on the rise. Receiving the recent global stock price depreciation
, Buying of low-price pickups into financial stocks and material stocks entered.
The S & P / ASX 200 index is 63 points as compared with last weekend closing price

(1.1) It ends at 5728.200% high. The rise rate is the first time in about two weeks.

Following concerns over slowing global growth and other factors, we received worldwide stock weakness
The index was down 4.6% last week.

  Financial stock index is 1.1% higher. Australia  and New Zealand

The Band Banking Group gained 1.2%. National Oh
Stranar Bank (NAB) is up 1.3%.    Investors are waiting for the full-year financial results of both banks announced this week.
Meanwhile, following the rapid rise in Chinese iron ore futures prices, material stocks, especially mining stocks
The metal and mining index is 1% higher. BHP Billiton is 1.
5% higher.
Healthcare stock index is 2.7% higher. CSL is 3.9
% High.
The energy stock was also high. Woodside · Petroleum <WP
L. AX> is 2% higher. Beach · energy was up 3.3%.