Taiwan Stocks Benefited From US Stocks

Taiwan stocks after the market – passive components strong led the rise on the station 10900 points to recover the monthly, seasonal line.

Taiwan stocks benefited from US stocks hitting high and land stocks today (27). Under the rebound of passive components, electronic stocks returned to the focus of the market. Shuangxiong TSMC and Da Liguang played a firm role. In parallel with the priced subject groups such as MOSFETs, the property rights stocks such as Taiwan Plastics and Taiwan Mud are multi-faceted attacks, encouraging Taiwan stocks to regain the monthly, seasonal and semi-annual lines. The 10,900-point integer checkpoint increased by 92.86 points and ended at 10,902.21 points. However, the volume has not yet recovered. Today’s trading volume was 105.42 billion yuan.

The highest gains of Taiwan’s listed stocks today were the electricity zero and cable index, which rose more than 3.2%. The photoelectric index followed the 2% increase. Except for the rubber and paper index, the rest of the population closed.

In the index of the upper cabinet, the strongest performance was the semiconductor index, which rose by 2.96%, while the electric zero and electronic index rose by more than 2.4%. Except for the blackouts of shipping, games, steel and other groups, the other indexes all closed.

In the Sanxiong section of the company, Dawangguang, the stock market leader, opened higher today. It was the strongest performer among Sanxiong. It ended up 2.44% and closed at 4,615 yuan. It successfully stood back above the 5th line; TSMC’s share price also opened higher, but the end Under the adjustment of thousands of sell orders, the final price only rose by 0.62%, with a price of 245 yuan, but also successfully recovered the monthly line that fell yesterday; Hon Hai turned black after the opening of the morning, all the way to maintain a flat shock, the final small drop of 0.12%, Take 81 yuan for income.

The passive component group was led by China Xinke today, and the ethnic groups were climbing simultaneously. In addition to the Huaxin Electronics, the price of the attack was 308.5 yuan, including Xinchang Power, Qi Lixin, Honeyview, Huarong, Jinzhanke, Jiabang, etc. The stocks were all lighted up, and Da Yi and Guoju also had more than 8% gains. Japan Electric Power, Zhibao, Heshentang and Lilong Electric, etc., also rose more than 6%. Li Dun and Qianru’s performance on the first day of ex-dividend Bright eyes, Li Dun successfully filled in the interest rate, and the rate of filling is over 70%.

In the wafer group, the crystal plate was attacked by the midday, and the final price was 47.2 yuan. Jiajing rose more than 6%. Global Crystal also rose more than 5.7%, and Taisheng Branch rose more than 5%.

The legal person pointed out that although Taiwan stocks rose sharply today, the amount of energy also stood back to the 100 billion yuan mark, but compared with the past level, the amount of energy is still slightly insufficient. If the quantity can not be effectively amplified, Taiwan stocks may still be this week. Maintain the trend of the season line back and forth.

In terms of the performance of the disk theme, the legal person believes that Huaxinke can continue to strengthen and stand on the 320 yuan level, which is related to the continuous attack of the price-based subject groups such as wafers and passive components. At present, the disk is optimistic about the PCB population and the fingerprint with relatively low base period. Identify ethnic groups, etc. In addition, for the legal person to stand in the buyer’s mass transit group, you can pull back to find a buy point to enter the market.

Taipei stock market rose 92.86 points

The Taipei stock market opened higher today, closing at 92.86 points, hitting 10,900 points, or 10,902.21 points, or 0.86%, and the transaction amount was NT$105.41 billion.

The weighted index opened at 10,847.17 points, with an intraday high of 10,916.69 points and a minimum of 10,847.17 points; excluding the financial stock index of 9195.94 points, up 86.47 points.

Eight major stocks rose and fell: mud kiln stocks rose 1.07%, food stocks rose 0.31%, plasticized stocks rose 0.70%, textile stocks rose 0.53%, mechanical and electrical stocks rose 1.16%, paper stocks fell 0.21%, construction stocks rose 0.47% Financial stocks rose 0.28%.

The number of purchases was 11.07 million 6596, and the number of sales was 7.32 million, and the number of transactions was 4.928 million.

At the close, it rose by 599, down 206, and was flat at 115.

The top 5 stocks in the transaction volume are Yuanda Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, 2, Huaxin, Fubon SSE Zheng 2, Taiwan Enterprise Bank, Fubon VIX.

The top five stocks in the increase were Huaxinke, Yuyubo, Hongbao, Xinmeiqi and Huanke.

The top five stocks in the decline were Tongkai, Mutual, Huashang, Yaojie-DR and Liande Holdings-KY.

The Taipei stock market concentrated at 13:30, with a weighted index of 10,902.21 points, up 92.86 points; a total of 614 stocks rose, 211 fell, and 114 were flat; commissioned 11,076,596, and sold 7,320,183; total turnover value was 1051.42 100 million yuan.

Domestic Finance: Last week, the foreign-funded concentrated market bought over 9.294 billion yuan, and bought more than 41,700 yuan.

According to the statistics of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, last week (2018/8/20~2018/8/24) foreign investment in the centralized market totaled 137. 024 billion yuan, the total selling amount was 127.775 billion yuan, and the purchase price was 9.249 billion yuan. In addition, from the beginning of 2018 to August 24, the total foreign purchase amount was 5,398.40 billion yuan, the total selling amount was 5 trillion 479.726 billion yuan, and the accumulated sales exceeded 258.526 billion yuan. The total market value of foreign-invested shares (including the shareholding of the original shareholders and the shares held by the centralized market) is NT$13,807.537 billion, accounting for 40.52% of the market value of all listed stocks, compared with 12 trillion 932.505 billion on August 17. Yuanxin Taiwan dollar increased by 157.230 billion yuan.

Compare the stocks:

Last week, the top three listed companies that bought the most foreign capital from the concentrated market were:

First place: Yuan Dajin: Buy 83,264 thousand shares, sell 41,604 thousand shares, buy over 41,660 thousand shares.

Second place: Far East New: Buy 48,236 thousand shares, sell 21,326 thousand shares, buy over 26,910 thousand shares.

Third place: Sinosteel: Buy 39,740 thousand shares, sell 15,072 thousand shares, buy over 24,668 thousand shares.

The top three listed companies that sold the most foreign-funded markets in the last week were:

First place: Jude: Buy 10,358 thousand shares, sell 35,827 thousand shares, sell over 25,469 thousand shares.

Second place: Caijing: bought 3,323 thousand shares, sold 23,274 thousand shares, and sold over 19,951 thousand shares.

Third place: Huatong: bought 10,439 thousand shares, sold 25,955 thousand shares, and sold over 15,516 thousand shares.