The Arrest Warrant was Issued for Carlos Ghosn Wife by Tokyo Prosecuter

Production Editor: Hülya Karahan
The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office of Special Investigation has issued an arrest warrant on July 7 for alleged persecution of former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s wife, (53) Carrole Gosh.

According to the announcement, Carrole was involved in the return of Nissan funds to former Ghosn when he was questioned by a witness in the Tokyo District Court in April last year regarding Ghosn’s violation of the Companies Act (special appointment). There is a suspicion that he has made a false statement regarding his involvement with a person.

The arrest warrant was issued for Carroll Najas, 53, wife of Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor, who fled to Lebanon in the Middle East.

According to the Tokyo District Prosecutors’ Investigation, Carrole said he had witnessed a  interrogation at a Tokyo district court in April last year as part of an investigation into a special abuse of former Ghosn over a distributor in Oman. There is a suspicion of perjury.

In a special breach case involving Oman’s agency, the Special Investigation Division reported to the court that there was a suspicion that some of Nissan’s funds had flowed to the company in which Carroll was involved in the operation through the agency’s Indian executive’s personal account etc. Written interrogation was filed in court, and Carrole gave a testimony of “I don’t know” despite having exchanged messages with the Indian executive many times. That is, there is doubt.

Carol appears to be staying in Lebanon with former Ghosn, and the Special Investigation Department is expected to request the International Criminal Police Organization for international arrangements through the National Police Agency.

The arrest warrant allegedly did not know the person or exchanged messages, despite having repeatedly exchanged messages with the SBA accounting executive who was involved in the case many times. I do not remember whether it is “.

According to Ghosn’s instructions on the case of the Oman route, the Special Investigation Department believes that Carrole repeatedly exchanged messages with SBA executives for a talk-ahead.

Ghosn was charged with special offence on the Oman Route on April 22 last year and was released on bail on 25th, but left the country illegally on December 29 last year and entered Lebanon via Turkey.