The Eight Major Banks have Hundreds of Billions of Taiwan Stocks

Taiwan stocks are booming, and the bank is optimistic about the “Wan Er” market. In order to earn more dividends, it continues to overweight and embrace Taiwan stocks. Among them, the three major banks, Huayin, Heku, and Yiyin, are adding code. The strength of the stock market is the most fierce. The latest Taiwan stocks have a total water level of about 25 billion, 18 billion and 13 billion yuan respectively. The total Taiwan stocks are already about 55 billion yuan. If you add up the investment of other five public stocks, the total Taiwan stocks The financial investment position is about 100 billion yuan.

The three major banks also estimate that the overall Taiwanese stocks can obtain a dividend income of more than 4% this year. In order to achieve more income, they will continue to opt for opportunities on the “Wan Er” road.

First Financial Holdings is highly optimistic about the market outlook for Taiwan stocks. Chen Yiguang, chairman of First Financial Investment, analyzed that GDP, profit and hot money will be the three major driving forces for Taiwan stocks. The total dividend of Taiwan this year is 1.38 trillion. In terms of yuan, global dividends have shrunk by 35% this year, but Taiwan stocks have shrunk by only 6%. This is what the outside world said that foreign capital had previously sold more than 650 billion yuan, but there will be an important factor in “recognizing the wrong market” and covering Taiwan stocks.

Since this year, Heku has vigorously supported Taiwan stocks by more than 8 billion yuan, and the level of Taiwan stocks has so far been about 18 billion yuan. It is understood that the largest position of Heku is electronic stocks, accounting for more than 50% of the total, followed by production transfer. Stocks, as for some high-value electronic stocks with leading equity value, due to the limited yield in the evaluation and conversion, Heku did not pay any attention. Instead, it decentralized and added to other potential for price rise. The current price is still low-end electronic stocks.

Huayin’s water level was about 21 billion yuan at the beginning of this year, and it has continued to add more than 3 billion yuan this year. So far, the headquarters has been close to 25 billion yuan, and the estimated yield is about 4.1%.

It is understood that Huayin’s investment in Taiwan stocks has previously been authorized to implement the “dividend project investment”, which is placed under OCI (other comprehensive profit and loss) and specializes in investing in Taiwan stocks due to dividends. The project has about 128 There is still room to add more than 2 billion yuan on the account of 100 million yuan. Currently, Huayin holds about 1/3 of the electronic stocks, and the rest are mainly blue chip stocks. In addition, telecommunications stocks have also been added recently.

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