TSMC Telecom’s Heart Shouting Taiwan Stocks Rise

 Asian stocks showed signs of turbulence this morning.Taiwan stocks were watching the market at TSMC (2330). The stock market index opened with a small decline this morning. Afterwards, Hon Hai (2317), Daliguang (3008), MediaTek (2454), and Panel Shuanghu also showed ups and downs, dragging the market out of the 11600 mark and reaching 11537.38 points. Fortunately, Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC in Panzhong, shouted, “Although the tight international trade relations bring many challenges to the business, but I am confident that TSMC will continue to develop steadily,” TSMC’s share price has heard a flat price, and Hon Hai and others have followed up. , The broader market index also turned red smoothly, crossed yesterday’s high, whether it can challenge even 7 red, you need to observe again.

Analysts said that Taiwan stocks opened lower and fluctuated today, and the leading stocks temporarily ceased. It is necessary to beware of falling into high-end shocks after finishing rising. Now KD is still in the high-end area, and there is no slipping situation, and the New Taiwan dollar is still rising. The external funds still remain in Taiwan without leaving, and there is still something to be done after sorting out.

On the disk, the leader rose more and pulled back to Daliguang, Hon Hai, Innolux and AUO. All of them were downgraded; Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC’s shareholders’ meeting today, emphasized that there are three competitive advantages, and this year’s operation will still grow steadily. , Pulled back near the flat; Heda (1536) paid higher, once attacked the rise and stopped at 106.5 yuan, and then opened, the increase was about 8%; AVerMedia (2417) Q2 operation was not light, the bulls were aggressive, the increase was 9% or more; Delta (2308)’s revenue in May is nearly flat, Q2 performance will win Q1, and the stock price will increase by about 5%; In addition, May’s revenue growth stocks and unblocked affected groups perform relatively strongly; ABC- KY (6598) is now listed at 48 yuan, and the new coronary pneumonia test reagent is destined to be launched in the United States in June. It once surpassed 110 yuan and rose nearly 130%. The honeymoon market was hot.

Analysts said that Taiwan stocks have been aggressively attacking all the way, and the moving averages are long. Foreign investors have been buying for more than six trading days. Pay attention to the future performance of large-weight stocks. This week’s focus is on TSMC, Daliguang and other big factories. The released outlook also needs to pay attention to the revenue performance of the listed stocks in May, and pay attention to the beneficiary groups after the unblocking operation.

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