“EU will Reject the Italian Maneuver”

The EU commission will reject the Italian budget maneuver: that is supported by the EU Budget Commissioner, Guenther Oettinger, at the online Spiegel. A letter from Commissioner Pierre Moscovici should arrive in Rome on Thursday or Friday, the magazine writes.

“The hypothesis that the draft 2019 budget can not be reconciled with existing obligations in the EU”, says Oettinger. Moscovici will not make a counter-proposal, writes Spiegel, but will limit himself to referring to violations of the reference data. Rome sent the text on Tuesday night, at the last minute, underlines the magazine portal.

Then in a tweet, Commissioner Oettinger states: “It is my personal opinion that, based on the numbers, it is very likely that we will have to ask Italy to correct the draft budget.” I did not say that there is a decision by the ‘Italy, nor that the letter with the rejection will be sent on Thursday or Friday “.

Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini attack. The vice-premier M5S invites the commissioner “to bite the tongue 3 times before speaking”. “Oettinger and all European commissioners should begin to behave like serious people and bite their tongue three times before making statements, as Mr. Palomar did, told by Calvino, who at the third language bite was still convinced of the thing he was to say, he said, otherwise he would shut up, so he would spend whole weeks and months in silence “.

“We are convinced of the maneuver, we will not change it, stop it and let the Italian government work for the Italians”, says Salvini.

On the same line the premier, Giuseppe Conte. “If there is a margin to change the maneuver?” We have studied it very well, so I would say it is not there “, says the prime minister in a press release before bilateral agreement with Chancellor Angela Merkel. will not change even at the cost of a rejection, the journalists insist. “I trust in a constructive dialogue, surely we will have some observations and we will deal with them”.

According to sources from Palazzo Chigi, in the margins of the European Council, a bilateral agreement will be held between Count and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The meeting will be held at 9. Then, at 12:45, the bilateral between Conte and French President Emmanuel Macron.

And the commissioner for economic affairs Pierre Moscovici, in Rome on Thursday and Friday, said that “the EU Commission and the eurozone states have many questions on the budgetary targets set by the Italian government for 2019, and on the consequences for the balance the accounts of this expansionary budget, I will talk mainly with Minister Tria, with whom I have always had constructive discussions in recent months “.

After Tuesday’s beating and reply with the president of the EU commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, Matteo Salvini returns to the attack in an interview with the Tass. “I am increasingly convinced – said the Minister of the Interior – that the financial lobbies in Brussels can not accept our presence in the government: this reaction does not surprise me, for years they manipulated puppets while now they are forced to deal with two political movements to which they can not blackmail because they owe nothing to anyone, if not to defend the interests of their people “.

Meanwhile, the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, makes an appeal: “Italy is still in time to back down, and quickly do so, in the interest of Italians. And on a possible rejection of the maneuver: “I hope that this does not happen, but the risk is strong”, he warned underlining that the measures “do not go in the direction of Italy’s interest”.

But today it is also France that goes on the attack. “All the decisions that are made in Berlin, Rome, Paris or Brussels – said the French minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire interviewed by Radio Classique – have an impact on us, the other countries of the eurozone, the withdrawal on themselves, decisions taken without any consideration for the partners will not lead anywhere, will only weaken the euro zone “.

“To evaluate the Italian maneuver,” he said, “it is up to the European Commission, you are responsible.” The only thing I can say, I would like to explain, is that we are 19 countries, we are all on the same boat, we are inside a monetary union, we have chosen the same currency and no one can consider that its fate does not have an impact on that of others “. “When you have the same currency – insisted Le Maire – all the decisions taken in Berlin, Rome, Paris or Brussels have an impact on all the other countries in the euro zone”.

“On the subject of Italy I would like to say that for the economy and the monetary union it is absolutely crucial that what has been agreed is respected.The Maastricht criteria are valid for all”, said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.