The Risk of Portal News Placed by Artificial Intelligence

In Korea, artificial intelligence (AI) has come as a shock. Alpha Go, developed by Google’s DeepMind, which was a confrontation of the century, and Go’s 9th-floor Go results came as a shock to the Korean IT industry. It is comforting to say that the title of the only human who has survived the artificial intelligence has remained as the winner of the 9th stage of Lee Se-dol.

After that, the artificial intelligence fever has spread all over society and finally it has advanced into the media field. It is already two years ago that artificial intelligence, which is called ‘robot journalism’ in academia, has created breaking news such as sports, economy and weather. In recent years, however, the portal has turned news services into an array of artificial intelligence articles. First in the industry, Naver used some of the “AIs” based on artificial intelligence in 2017 and from April 2019 changed the news to a system recommended by artificial intelligence instead of human editing. The representative articles vary according to the clustering theme and order that are exposed according to the user’s content consumption tendency. If you do not log in, you will be served an article that reflects your interests. The second portal, Kakao, is already using artificial intelligence technology to deliver news without human editing.

The introduction of artificial intelligence into portal news is intended to serve the news on an objective basis, away from the issue of editorial bias (or confusion) that has been controversial over the years. And the portal news has made a mechanical neutrality declaration to escape the criticism that there is no political controversy and some bias to the progressive and conservative media. But one question is, is artificial intelligence a problem?