The US State Department has threatened Turkey if continues to buy the Russian S-400

The US State Department has threatened Turkey with various sanctions if it continues to buy the Russian S-400 missile defense system.

This came in remarks made by Robert Paladino, deputy spokesman of the US Department, during a briefing on Tuesday, during which he discussed Turkey’s bid to buy the Russian system.

Turkey signed an agreement with Russia to buy the S-400 missile defense system at the end of 2017. Turkey became the second country to buy the system from Russia.

The US official stressed that his country did not change its position rejecting Turkey’s purchase of the Russian system, adding that Ankara’s pursuit to complete this deal deeply worries the United States.

He pointed out that “they proposed to work with Turkey on the missile defense system, and they offered the Patriot system and other systems to Ankara to evaluate instead of the Russian system.

“We have clearly warned that if Turkey buys the S-400, this will re-evaluate its participation in the F-35 production program and threaten the possibility of future deliveries of weapons to Turkey,” he said.

“As we have already said, all private institutions and people involved in buying the S-400 may face potential sanctions under the CAATSA.”

Last year, the US Congress passed the Anti-American Enemies Act, which provides for sanctions on third countries and companies that have cooperated with institutions and bodies related to the Russian Defense Ministry and Moscow intelligence.

On Monday, the head of the European Command of the US Army, the Supreme Commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), General “Curtis Scaparoti“, the need not to give Turkey F-35 “as long as they continue.