Toyota to Create “The Latest Technology City”-to Establish a Demonstration “Connected City “

Hülya Karahan: Production Editor
What is the Woven City? Demonstration city plan for automated driving and robots promoted by Toyota in Susono City.

Toyota Motor will build a 700,000-square-meter “town” at the foot of Mount Fuji, called “Woven City,” to test and operate self-driving cars and other technologies. The power source is a hydrogen fuel cell. Toyota President Akio Toyoda said in a press release that “Creating a city from scratch, even if it is a small one like this time … Toward future technology development It’s a very unique opportunity. ”

The Woven City is designed to accommodate around 2,000 Toyota employees and visiting researchers, indoor robots that support sustainable building materials and housekeeping, and sensor-based artificial sensors that check the health of residents. Intelligence (AI) is introduced. The announcement was accompanied by a Danish architect, CEO of Bjarke Ingels, of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). BIG will also cooperate with Toyota on this project.

The aim is to continue to create new value and business models by quickly turning the cycle of technology and service development and demonstration in this city.

Roads that run through the city are:  Roads exclusively for high-speed vehicles, such as the “e-Palette”, roads that can only be driven by fully automatic driving and zero-emission mobility; Personal mobility that is slow with pedestrians. It is also characterized by three types: roads that coexist, such as promenades, and pedestrian-only sidewalks in parks. I have.

In addition, the town buildings will be made mainly of carbon-neutral wood and the roof will be equipped with solar panels to create a town that is in harmony with the environment and sustainability. In addition, all of the city’s infrastructure, including fuel cell power generation, will be installed underground.

Furthermore, residents can improve the quality of life by checking the health status and using it for daily living, using AI that uses sensor data. The e-Palette will be used as a transport store, in addition to transporting people and delivering goods.

Using the former site of the Toyota Motor East Japan Higashifuji Plant , which is scheduled to be closed at the end of 2020, plans to promote city planning in the future within a range of 175 acres (approximately 708,000 m2). Initially, about 2,000 residents, including Toyota employees and people involved in the project, are expected to live.

Toyota will recruit various companies and researchers from around the world to participate in the demonstration, including using it to demonstrate their own projects when developing the city. .