Turkey’s Prime Minister Davutoğlu’s 64. Government Plan Revealed

ahmet_davutoglu_aday_tanitimPrime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, held the first 100 days will be determined . ll Election Promises for first 100 days will be Fulfilled from easy to difficult

Turkey’s prime Prime Minister will rule country for 4 years. Would give priority to what the government will decide at the end of a two-pronged process. One of these up, decided to create the strategy committee will be created within the party. After the process is completed the government program will be determined on the first 100 days of things to do. Election promises will be Fulfilled from easy to difficult.
Ministers or secondary legislation promises to be resolved by orders or regulations, such as Council decision will be implemented first. Issues that require changes to be sent to the Parliament Act in order of importance. Secondly Prime Minister Davutoglu will start the process of consultation with different sectors of society.
The creation of the Declaration, the demands of young people, pensioners, housewives taking into account. Creating the to-do list for 4 years, will hold talks with all sections of society such as business academics and the arts community.