Turkish-German Parliamentary Group is Coming to Turkey

Hülya Karahan


The TurkishGerman Parliamentary Group of the German Parliament is coming to Turkey. Özcan Mutlu, a member of the visiting delegation of the Green Party, said he would meet with both the ruling and opposition parties.

Following the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Turkey, the Turkish-German Parliamentary Group is coming to Turkey to have contacts. The contacts, which will start on 5 February and last for four days, are the first comprehensive visit of the German authorities to Turkey after the Armenian genocide resolution adopted in June 2016 in the German Parliament.

The Turkish-German Parliamentarians Group Vice President Özcan Mutlu, who assessed the visit to DW Turkish, pointed out the importance of bilateral relations and said, “There are many controversial issues between the two countries, including the Armenian genocide, but Germany and Turkey are deeply rooted We must remember that in daily politics, our differences of opinion and if necessary, politicians are temporary but our relations are permanent.”

Azide Tank, a left-wing party deputy within the delegation to visit Turkey, stressed that the two countries’ relations should continue in cooperation. The deputy of the Left Party also pointed out that, as reflected in the Turkish public opinion, German politicians are not in a mission to teach Turkis politicians politics.
“Of course we will express our criticism of Turkey, but there are some problems that German politics also have: the ongoing trials of the NSU murders, the problems of immigrants and refugees, Islamophobia, increasing xenophobia etc. We will consult with our Turkish colleagues about these issues

. “Pointing out that the visit will be two-sided, Azize Tank noted that they would first meet with institutions, organizations and non-governmental organizations working in the field of culture and education. Tank stated that they would meet with Turkish politicians on the second leg of the contacts and that they would meet representatives from both the opposition and the ruling party in these contacts.

Özcan Mutlu, member of the European Parliament, said: “We are not limited to the ruling party and we should also be in touch with the different dynamics that make up Turkey’s reality. , You can walk with much more sure steps on such bridges, “he said.

The deputies of the Green Party have also paid attention to the need to express misguided spots as part of dialogue and co-operation. Happy, “Friends should say this, if the distribution of forces in Turkey is lifted from the middle, if an independent system of justice can not be mentioned, if the parliamentary system is indanger and if press freedom is at the bottom, we have to say this because Turkey is an important country in every sense for Germany” He continued his words.