“Angela Merkel Should Remain”

Most Germans want Merkel to remain Chancellor. Another survey claimed otherwise

Most Germans are convinced that Angela Merkel should remain the Chancellor until the end of her current term, even though she has decided to end the head of Christian Democrats (CDU). This was demonstrated by Thursday’s public opinion poll for ARD. Merkel would like to remain the Chancellor until the regular elections, due to the changes in the CDU, but this desire does not have to be fulfilled.

Contrary to this ARD survey, data from Insa’s survey, published a week ago by Bild. According to it, two and a half percent of Germans want Chancellor Angela Merkel to leave the post of Chancellor right away. It is said that 38% of respondents do  not want to she remain in office.

According to ARD, Merkel, who has been in charge of the German government since 2005, has led the country to the regular elections in 2021, 56% of the respondents want, the opposite is 41%. The survey shows that the attitude of the Germans towards Merkel is more accommodating than before. Early this year, 45 percent of Germans wished for its premature ending, with 49 percent completing its term.

As chairwoman of the Christian Democrats, Merkel decided to end after 18 at the end of October after the CDU’s electoral sink for the past for roughly a year.

Nor is the prospect that Merkel will be replaced by another politician at the beginning of December but does not have a positive impact on the support of the CDU / CSU Conservative Union. On the contrary, some would vote for only 26 percent, which is historically low.

The government coalition parties seem to be particularly damaging to the impression that the cabinet is doing. Only a quarter of Germans are satisfied with government work, not three quarters. The best-rated politician is paradoxically retreating Merkel, whose work is satisfied by half of the respondents.

The second strongest party would now be 23 percent Greens, whose popularity with voters is rising sharply. The third and fourth place would be shared by the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AFD) and the Social Democrats with 14 percent. For the SPD, this is the worst result in the history of this survey. Free Democrats (FDP) with eight percent and Leva with nine would penetrate Parliament.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder


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