U.S. Justice Lifts Ban on Downloading WeChat

A judge claimed that a ban on the Chinese messaging app could violate the constitution. Blocking the service and TikTok was planned by the Trump administration.
A California judge lifted the Commerce Department’s ban on behalf of national security of downloading the Chinese WeChat app in the United States. A group of users had questioned the measure in court.

The blockade would come into effect on Sunday (20) and, with it, the functions of the messaging application created by the Chinese giant Tencent would be deactivated in the country.

The plan was also to block new downloads of the video app TikTok, from another company in China, that also went to court against the measure.

But last Saturday, the Commerce Department decided to postpone the restrictions for a week after U.S. President Donald Trump said he approves the negotiation of a partnership between the owner of TikTok and American Oracle, which would be responsible for the data. collected by the service.

The data is the cornerstone of the arm wrestling between the U.S. and TikTok, as Trump pointed out the risk that information from American users will be passed on by the app to the Chinese government for espionage.