Vaccine: Johnson & Johnson” Stimulates A Strong Immune Response to Prevent Corona

Provisional results, published Friday, showed that a single dose of an experimental Covid-19 vaccine stimulated a strong immune response to prevent the disease in an early to medium-stage clinical trial.

The results showed that the vaccine called (AD26. Kov2S), which is designed to treat the emerging corona virus (that causes Covid-19 disease) and produced by “Johnson & Johnson”, can be tolerated well and to the same extent in two different doses.

But it is not clear if the elderly, who are one of the population groups most at risk of contracting the coronavirus, will enjoy the same protection as younger people from the J&J vaccine.

The trial, backed by the US government and conducted on nearly a thousand healthy adults, began after it was discovered last July that a single dose of the vaccine provides strong protection for monkeys.

Based on the current results, the company began – last Wednesday – a final trial involving 60,000 people, and it could pave the way to apply for regulatory approval.

Johnson & Johnson said it expects the results of the so-called Phase III trial by the end of the year or early next year.

In the context, the United States, Friday, exceeded the threshold of seven million infection with the emerging coronavirus, according to the Johns Hopkins University census, which also reported that 203,240 people died due to the epidemic in the country, the highest global toll.

The United States recorded 7 million, 5 thousand and 746 cases of the emerging corona virus, the highest number in the world, followed by India with 5.8 million, and Brazil with 4.7 million.
The numbers increased in the United States, with an average of 40,000 new infections recorded per day.

The average number of daily deaths ranged between 700 and 800 in the past seven days, compared to about 300 in the European Union, according to the website, “Our World in Data” specialized based on official data.

At the global level, the new Corona virus, since its appearance at the end of December 2020 in China until the moment, has infected 32 million and 695 thousand and 695 people, of whom 991,661 have died from being infected, while 24 million and 96 thousand and 956 cases have recovered.

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